Some frequently asked questions (well, three)

  • Why do we need another campaign? Isn’t this covered by Pedal on Parliament, the CTC, Space for Cycling etc?
    • We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote is an umbrella campaign supported by a large number of other campaigns to highlight to politicians the areas where we all agree, and preventing any dilution of our three key asks. Combining our campaigning efforts will hopefully make them greater than the sum of their parts – but won’t prevent individual campaigns from doing their own campaigning on other issues that they also feel are important.
  • Is this a party political campaign? Will you be telling people who to vote for?
    • Absolutely not. We won’t be endorsing any party or parties, or any candidate or candidates. All we will be doing is asking all the candidates to tell us where they stand on our three asks, and informing voters of their response. We’ll also be supporting (and in some cases) arranging local and national hustings and campaigning events such as our conference bike rides.
  • What exactly do you mean by your three policy asks?
    • We’ve fleshed out the details of our three asks here