If you’ve got a few minutes:

  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to show your support
  • Contact your local politicians about an issue that’s causing you problems – you can contact your councillors, MSPs, MPs and MEPs easily via Write to Them
  • Thank your local politicians / officials if they’ve done something that makes walking and cycling easier
  • Use social media to raise issues you’d like to see changed (e.g. in local FB pages)
  • Find and join your local campaign group for active travel and let them know what your concerns are – you can find out if there’s a supporting group in your local area here along with more useful information about your local authority.

More time?

  • Check our consultations page (coming soon) and respond to any that you can
  • Check out any relevant consultations your local authority is holding and have your say (we’ll add details shortly of how you might find these)
  • Turn up at an event run by a local group, whether it be campaigning or otherwise, to lend your support 
  • Turn up at a local politician’s surgery to raise more pressing issues in person
  • Make plans to turn up at Pedal on Parliament this year, or show your support in other ways

More time than that?

  • Invite your local politicians/officials to come out with you – maybe on a bike or on foot – to experience the issues you’re facing first hand
  • Organise a politician’s ride or street audit for a wider area with your local campaign group, or with your local school, or with a disability organisation or other group facing even more barriers to active travel.
  • Organise a Pedal on Parliament feeder ride or pledge to get involved to help in some other way
  • Check out our ‘campaigns we like’ page and get inspired to run a similar event in your area

Even more time?

  • If you’ve got no group campaigning for active travel in your region, why not start one? Let us know if you’d like advice or support – email us on contact@walkcyclevote.scot